The Practical Myths of Dieting & Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the major challenges faced by the people all around the globe. The number of people who search via the internet for “the best diet tips to for a better shape of the body” is more than millions. Are they actually benefitting from these diet tips? Or are they making a fool out of themselves? It is a difficult thing to answer.

More than half of the search results available on the internet are not only scientifically unproven, but some of them are impractical to follow too. Introducing these so-called “best diet tips” into the life of a person may induce more harm than good.

There are also a number of myths floating in the air about the methods of dieting. Many medical researchers have busted these myths a long time ago. It is necessary for all the diet conscious people across the globe to recognize these myths before it is too late.

Myth #1 – It’s all about burning down the calories

This is considered as one of the best dieting tips by each and every person on the Earth. It means that a person can eat whatever he wants, but has to ensure that the calories burnt by him are more than that he has consumed. Hence, this has become a trendsetter in the dieting world. People eat all the junk foods they want and then spend an hour or two extra in the gyms.

Unfortunately, people are wasting their time on a myth that has been busted a long time ago. The fact is, that the calories in different types of products have different functions in a human body. For instance, the sugar calories promote fat deposition and uncontrolled appetite, whereas the fats and proteins promote fat burning. Also, no rigorous exercise will help to contradict the harmful effects of a bad diet.

Hence, the best diet tip for the people should be to keep a track on the type of calorie they consume on a daily basis. It is not the quantity, but the quality of the calorie that matters.

Myth #2 – Obesity is a genetic problem

This is a yet another myth believed by almost all the people. When they see an obese person, their first assessment will be that his/her condition is a genetic problem. Just because a person’s mother or grandmother is obese, it doesn’t mean that he too has to be obese.

The truth is that a person himself has more control over his body than his genes. In the 1800s, a person consumed 10 pounds of sugar per year. In the current world, it has increased to 152 pounds per year. What better reason to justify the current health condition of the people than with this data.

Myth #3 – Avoid fatty food to prevent fat deposition in the body

This myth alone is sufficient to prove that what a person is currently following is not at all the best dieting tip. To enhance the muscle mass and promote the weight loss, fatty foods are highly important.

A person’s metabolism is, in fact, boosted up with the help of dietary fats. It is essentially the sugar calories that induce the weight gain and not the consumption of fat.

Myth #4 – It is forbidden to eat after 8 PM

People who are conscious about their weights usually follow this myth. And yes, this is indeed a myth that has to be eliminated from the dictionary of the best dieting tips. The calories consumed by a person during the daytime will have the same effects as that of the calories, he has consumed after 8 PM.

Myth #4 – The best diet tip for instant weight loss – skip the breakfast

This is not only a myth, but it also becomes the reason for weight gain. People who skip breakfast have a tendency to munch on high-calorie midday snacks to curb their hunger. This tip, hence, would never benefit in the weight loss journey.

Fats can be both good and bad. If a person wishes to be healthy, he has to concentrate more on the good fats like extra-virgin olive oil, coconut butter, avocado, nuts, etc. rather than avoiding them. To lose the excess fat, one has to learn to embrace the good fats.